Paternity Testing

A simple, painless mouth swab using our home test kit is all that's required for a DNA paternity test which will exclude paternity with 100% accuracy, or show paternity with >99.99999% accuracy.

Nimble Diagnostics is the trusted name in the U.K. for DNA testing. All testing is performed in laboratories fully accredited by the AABB, ISO 17025, and NATA. All results are guaranteed.

Warning: Just because a company charges you in British Pounds doesn't mean they are based in the U.K.! We are a U.K.-based business - all test kits are dispatched from within the U.K. and are returned to us here in the U.K., potentially saving you weeks in testing times. Several overseas companies offer cheap paternity tests, but these are usually non-accredited, non-regulated companies that cut costs by using much less accurate testing procedures. Always ensure you use a fully accredited laboratory. Learn more...



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